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Estate Planning & Medicaid Planning

What We Do

Beakley Law Firm assists in Estate Preservation with a focus on nursing facility Medicaid Eligibility Planning. This type of planning is designed specifically for people currently in nursing facilities or those anticipating entry in to a nursing facility and who are concerned about the rapid depletion of their assets while paying for their cost of care.

Medicaid guidelines contain defined strategies that will allow people the opportunity to preserve a portion, or in some cases all of their assets, while at the same time qualifying for nursing facility Medicaid benefits.


What You Can Expect

  • A free consultation to assess the nature of your estate and determine your benefit eligibility.
  • If you do not require our service, we will tell you so.
  • You and your family will remain in control of your estate.
  • We will discuss your home and how it relates to the Medicaid Estate Recovery Program (MERP).

The Truth Is

  • A stay at home spouse may retain up to all of his or her assets and potentially all or a portion of the combined income, even with a spouse in the nursing home.
  • A single person does not have to spend down all of his or her resources to qualify.
  • Even if income exceeds Medicaid limits, a person can still qualify for maximum benefits. 

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